Repair and Refinishing

Shutter World can refinish your existing shutters so they look brand new again.  We would come and take them down, sand, prime, refinish and then reinstall them within a few weeks.  If you have stained shutters and would rather they be painted white, that’s not a problem.  Or if you want to change the paint color or repaint the same color to freshen them up give us a call.

Having a staple out of your louver can be really annoying but can be easily fixed.  If you have broken or chewed wood louvers we can repair or replace them on your wood shutters.  If you have loose louvers and your shutters have a tension screw adjuster inside the panel this is something that can be done easily yourself.  You will need a Phillips screwdriver to turn the screw inside the panel to tighten the louvers.

These are the most common shutter repairs, but if you have something else that needs to be fixed give us a call and we will see what we can do.  You can either bring the broken part or shutter panel to us or we can come to your house whichever you prefer.