Woven Wood/Bamboo Shades

Woven Wood Shades, also known as matchstick woods or bamboo shades are a casually elegant window treatment made of carefully selected bamboos, rattan, grass, reeds, jutes and woods.  A built-in matching valance provides added elegance.

Natural Woven Shades from Horizons Window Fashions
Melhanna Woven Wood Shades from Skandia Window Fashions
Many Fabrics and Colors
Classic or Hobbled (layered) Styles
Cord or Cordless Controls
Woven Top Treatments
Decorative Banding
Classic 6″ Valance
Privacy or Blackout Lining
Top Down/Bottom Up Features
Motorized Available

Averte Natural Fold Vertical Shade by Horizons Window Fashions
Mandalay Vertical Woven Woods by Skandia Window Fashions
Same Patterns as Woven Wood Shades
Regular or Split Draw
Classic 6″ Valance
Privacy or Blackout Lining
Motorized Available