Aluminum Reinforced Polycore Shutters

Polycore shutters have a unique internal aluminum core that reinforces the structure of the shutter.  This type of shutter is moisture resistant so they are perfect for humid areas such as a bathroom, laundry room or above a kitchen sink.  They are ecologically friendly and durable against chips, cracks and warping.  The louvers, stiles and rails are constructed of aluminum reinforced polycore and they have a baked on waterborne finish.  The staples are galvanized epoxy coated so they will hold better and not rust.

Available Options

Available in Shades of White and Off White
Frame Choices: Small, Medium, Large Decorative Z-frames, Single Bead
Specialty Shapes including Arch Top, Sunburst, Eyebrow, Rake Top, Circle, Octagon, Hexagon, etc.
Frame Choices:  Small, Medium, Large Decorative Z Frames, L Frame, Single Bead
Hinge Choices: Powder Coated, Nickel, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Bronze, Stainless
Divider Rails
Split Tilt Rods
Hidden Tilt Rods
Bi-Pass Track for Sliding Glass Door
Bi-Fold Track or Hinged for Sliding Glass Door
Lever Cut Out for French Door


It is very easy to maintain Polycore shutters.  You may use a feather duster, Swiffer or other cloth to dust them.  To clean them use a citrus-based cleaner diluted with water applied to a soft cloth.  Never use any harmful chemicals or household cleaners such as Windex to clean your shutters.  Only use non-toxic cleaners such as Simple Green.


Our installers arrive within a convenient one-hour time frame or call if they are running late.  As standard installation procedure, they apply two magnetic catches per panel, caulk in frames to the wall for a finished look, touch up nail holes with a fine paint sprayer and clean up after every job.